You Tube Videos


Linda Leslie with Julie Metcalf & Friends Northboro Contra 2 18 17

Julie Metcalf & Larry Unger at Northboro Contra 4 18 15

Don Heinold’s mixer dance at Northboro Contra 11-21-15

Allemande North & Dave Eisenstadter at Northboro Contra 3 21 15

Northboro Contra Dance 2014

French Connection and Paul Wilde 11-17-12

Segments from 2011-12 season

Dan Pearl and Allemande North 5-19-12

Don Veino & Firefly 4-28-12

Charlie Brown and Firefly 4-28-12

Bill Fischer and Jumpstart 3-17-12

Don Veino calling to the Allemande North 12-17-12

Caribou and Reed 11-19-11

Jumpstart at Northboro Contra Dance  10-15-11

Get Reel at Northboro Contra  3-20-10


Tavi Merrill calling to Jumpstart 9-8-12

Rachel Shapiro and Agnostic Fiddle Insurgency 10-13-12

Einstein’s Little Homunculus and Linda Leslie 11-10-12

Paul Wilde & Full Tilte 6-9-12

Dave Eisenstadter calls to Andrew Grover and Max Newman  5-12-12

Dave Eisenstadter’s  mixer

Dan Pearl and Caribou and Reed 4-14-12

Rachel’s Mixer 3-10-12

Spiral Dance


Rich Hart and No Name Band 6-23-12

No Name Band 6-23-12
No Name Band  waltz 6-23-12


Paul Wilde & Dandelion Wine 6-2-12

Dandelion Wine at Medway Contra Dance 6-2-12


Dan Pearl calls to OH, CONTRAire!

Concord Scout House

Perpetual e-Motion at Scout House 3-5-12


Nils Fredland & Elixir 3-16-12

Free raisins   2-9-12

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