Schedule (current and past)

Oct 19 Tod Whittemore  Full Tilt
Nov 16 Don Veino  Free Raisins
Dec 14 Don Heinold  Allemande North
Jan 18 Tim Van Egmond  Concepdance
Feb 15 Bill Fischer  Allemande North
Mar 15 Dan Pearl  Jumpstart
April 19 Paul Wilde French Connection
May 17 Dereck Kalish  Julie Metcalf & Friends
Apr25-27 NEFFA FESTIVAL  Mansfield, MA
Oct 20 Dan Pearl Free Raisins
Nov 17 Paul Wilde French Connection
Dec 15 Don Heinold Allemande North
Jan 19 Bill Fischer Full Tilt
Feb 16 Jeff Kaufman Beth, Carol & Steve
Mar16 Alice Morris Wild Card
April no Northboro dance NEFFA  Festival
May 18 Don Veino Jumpstart
15-Oct11 Alice Morris Jumpstart
19-Nov11 Jeff Kaufman Caribou and Reed
17-Dec11 Don Veino Allemande North
21-Jan12 Paul Wilde
The Free Raisins
18-Feb12 Tim Van Egmond Caribou and Reed
17-Mar12 Bill Fischer Jumpstart
28Apr12 Don Veino Firefly
19May12 Dan Pearl
Allemande North


16-Oct10 Dan Pearl The Free Raisins
20Nov10 Tim Van Egmond Jumpstart
18-Dec10 Paul Wilde Recorded Music
15-Jan11 Dan Pearl Jumpstart
19-Feb11 Tim Van Egmond Caribou and Reed
19-Mar11 Bill Fischer Jumpstart
16 Apr11 No dance (Neffa Festival)
21-May11 Alice Morris Caribou and Reed


17Oct09 Bill Fischer Polymorphous String Band
21Nov09 Tim Van Egmond Matching Orange
19Dec09 Dan Pearl French Connection
16Jan10 Jim Fownes Cedar Stanistreet and friends
20Feb10 Jim Gregory Polymorphous String Band
20Mar10 Daniel Friedman Get Reel
17Apr10 Lucia Watson Matching Orange
15May10 Alice Morris Berlin Country Orchestra
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